BSS (Barbara, Steven, Stedmon) is an emerging contemporary musical trio that has blended their diverse gifts to create music that is as passionate and powerful as it is engaging and inspirational. BSS aspires to empower youth to construct a more positive family life for themselves by side-stepping the lure of entitlement and immersing themselves in biblical principles that promote healthy and respectful family relations. In their first single, “Stop Trippin’,” Barbara Bryant, Steven Tillman, and Stedmon Bryant have produced a dynamic and upbeat song grounded in healthy Christian family values that has audiences everywhere singing and dancing in joyful harmony.

Barbara Bryant
Barbara Bryant is a Christian speaker and author who has singularly focused her ministry on reaching and inspiring diverse groups of people in need. Through the course of her life, Barbara has had to face life-challenges that could have destroyed her physically, psychologically and spiritually. While dealing with an unexplainable series of hardships, she realized that all of her hardship was part of a divine plan and that God was equipping and endowing her with a passion to help others in crises. Upon making this discovery, Barbara has dedicated her ministerial life to helping others recognize God’s mighty power. Over the years, her fiery and relevant delivery of the gospel has carried power to uplift and encourage the heart of people everywhere. Using her gifts, Barbara, ultimately, wants to share God’s gift of love with people of all ages and ethnicities.

Barbara learned at a very young age that family is an institution placed on earth by God. God ordained family. As the youngest of nine children, raised in Compton, California, she experienced first-hand the blessing that is family. She was also fortunate enough to witness, in her very own household, the power of music. She grew up singing with her mother and older sisters who were known as Mother Jessie Stewart & The Stewart Sisters.

Like most parents, Barbara understands the challenges that confront the typical family, but more importantly she understands the vital importance that family plays in every single person’s life. Its importance to Barbara is so great that one of the first scriptures she taught her own children was Ephesians 6:1, “Children, obey your parents in the Lord.” It is because of her firm belief in the sanctity of the family that she wrote a sermon based on Ephesians 6:1 and then the song “Stop Trippin.”

Barbara is hopeful that BSS and, in particular, the song “Stop Trippin’” can be used as an instrument of change that draws families not only closer together but closer to Jesus Christ, The Lord.  Learn more about Barbara, visit’

Steven Tillman
Steven Tillman is an emerging musical talent whose impact on the music scene is just starting to be felt. Drawing inspiration form a variety musical genres, Steven’s unique musical gift is being recognized by audiences throughout California. “Stop Trippin” is his latest musical creation in which he combines his talents as a composer, vocalist, music director and producer.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Steven has been immersed in music from the day he was born. He was fortunate to be exposed to a diverse range of musical styles by his parents. Inspired by what he heard, he was quick to learn a range of musical instruments, including a variety woodwind, string and percussion instruments.

His musical talents were soon recognized, and by age 17 he was playing with various gospel artists. He landed his first television appearance in the Lincoln Heights drama television series as the keyboardist for R&B singer Angie Stone. Since then he has worked with various artists from Gospel duo Mary Mary, and Donnie McClurkin to nationally acclaimed R&B singer such as Keyshia Cole and singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Stevie Wonder.

Of “Stop Trippin,” Steven says he was inspired by both his mother and God. Inspiration was taken from one of his mother’s sermons that provided him with a lyric and “God,” says Steven, “gave me the sound.”

Regardless, “Stop Trippin,” in Steven’s mind, is the product of a collaboration between a mother, a son and their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Visit Steven’s website at

Stedmon Bryant
Stedmon Bryant is the youngest member of the Bryant family. Although Stedmon shares his mother’s and brother’s passion for music, he is also very much inspired by athletics and academia.

As a sophomore, Stedmon has consistently demonstrated his athleticism on the basketball court. Described by many as “explosive,” “intelligent,” “passionate” and “focused,” Stedmon has garnered recognition statewide for his outstanding play as a point guard and shooting guard. Scouts from many colleges have targeted him as a potential future prospect. Ranked amongst the top 25 basketball players in California, he stands a very good chance of receiving upon graduation a sports scholarship for basketball.

In addition to athletic talent, Stedmon has also been recognized by his high school for his academic ability. Although he excels in many academic areas, he is particularly proficient in mathematics. Organized, perceptive and analytical by nature, Stedmon hopes upon graduating to pursue a degree in a mathematically-based field of study. Stedmon not only has a very good chance of studying in his field of choice but doing so with an academic scholarship.

On a day-to-day basis, Stedmon is perceived by those around him as polite, gentle, loving and respectful. Qualities of personality he attributes to his family and his mother, in particular. He unabashedly acknowledges that his mother’s guidance and willingness to share life-lessons has made him into the person he is today. The other great influence in his life is God: “He is who I live for and why I am on the Earth,” says Stedmon. “God has shown me that loving and being helpful toward others, especially those in need, is a very important part of who I am.”